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Start your journey of professional growth with our Early in Career opportunities. At GitHub, we cultivate talent, nurture potential, and provide a dynamic learning environment to support prospective Hubbers as they enter the workforce and hone their craft.

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GitHub internships

We welcome a class of ambitious, inquisitive GitHub interns every summer. Interns are able to learn, expand their skills, and explore what it’s like to be a Hubber. Each intern joins a team and drives impact through their intern project.

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Having a summer intern join our team was an amazing opportunity for her and for us!

Our intern left with a better understanding of what Solutions Engineering looks like as a career path and what sorts of tools and processes we need to do our jobs effectively; she gained hands-on experience writing code that became part of the GitHub code base, and got first-hand experience testing and deploying code at GitHub; she delivered ChatOps that represents a significant quality-of-life improvement for our team and adjacent teams long after the internship ended; and she got to work closely with people across Field Services and Engineering to ship production code.

This was also an amazing opportunity for members of my team to have the rewarding experience of providing mentorship and ongoing support towards an impactful goal."


- David, Solutions Engineering

Intern's project: Building internal tools for Solutions Engineering

Our intern jumped into learning GitHub Actions and created some truly awesome automations for document age detection and labeling (among other things), greatly helping us in our never ending endeavor to make things easier, better and faster. It was a wonderful shared experience where our team gained new ideas and tangible improvements to build on, and our intern gained knowledge management and GitHub skills, as well as openAPI exposure and coding experience via Actions."


Jodi, Support Delivery

Intern's project: Improving processes and tooling

University grads

Making plans for after graduation? If you’re a recent university graduate, come join us as you transition from learning in a classroom to learning and growing at work. You can search for entry-level positions at GitHub that fit your skills and interests.

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GitHub interns group pose at tech expo.

It's a mutually beneficial collaboration! Our intern was guided by a mentor and learned from designers and engineers across GitHub. She brought a fresh perspective to the work and positive growth-mindset energy to the team."


Natalya, Design Infrastructure

Intern's project: Primer Brand

Early in Career

GitHub is constantly updating and expanding our Early in Career programs. Whether you’re a bootcamp graduate, career transitioner, or just ready to explore something new, check this page periodically for more information as we continue to expand our offerings.